Daboo - DJ/Producer/Musician
(Leiden, NL).
Daboo's approach is deep & energetic bass driven cross genre of Dub&Bass, Dubstep, Drumstep, Electro House, Trap + few more. download full bio here
here you can find a choice of high resolution photos to download,
if you intend to use them in media please let me know, always interested to know what people do.
We all love some freebees, I know I do, so why wouldn't you ! Here you will find some things to download and share, make someone else happy with some free stuff ! Have fun and enjoy !
Dubioza Kolektiv-Kažu (Daboo Remix) download
Make It Bun Dem (Daboo Remix) download
Dubioza Kolektiv – Kažu (Daboo Remix) Official [FREE DOWNLOAD]
Jul 12 2014
Dubioza Kolektiv – Kažu (Daboo Remix) Official [FREE DOWNLOAD]

With quite some pride I can finally present to you a remix I’ve made for Dubioza Kolektiv’s track Kažu. A band that is rocking around the globe with their energetic blend of balkan, rock, punk, ska and dub. In the spirit of their last album Apsurdistan, you can download this remix for FREE through my Facebook Page, hope you all like and enjoy the vibes. The download package contains some small goodies as well.
For Free Download of their full album ‘Apsurdistan’ containing the original track visit Dubioza.ORG

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