Bassport FM in Amsterdam OT301

Published: July 14, 2014

Last updated on: October 5th, 2020

BassPort FM is a fast growing community driven Bass Music Radio Station from UK & Spain that's representing the current movement of Drum&Bass, Dubstep, Glitch Hop, Trap, Garage, Breaks & Future Garage scenes and is bringing it’s finest DJ’s for this event in Amsterdam at OT301

★ Daboo
- Bass Trek
A Rocky Balkan Boy based in the Lowlands of Holland. Known for his adventurous explorations of sub-frequencies from diferent corners of the globe will ltake you on a trek through energetic Bass driven cross genres. This powerful musical hodgepodge, that transforms a bunch of strangers into a circle of friends is his trademark that inspires and infatuates. You can catch Daboo hosting his bi-weekly show Bass Trek every Thursday where he’s regulary dusting the subs.

★ Duffer
- Bassline Revolution
Born & Bred in Bristol UK, Duffer has Bass music in his blood. His Friday night show the "Bassline Revolution" showcases the current Bass Music movement across the globe representing, Dubstep, Trap, Glitch hop, Future Garage and his personal favourite; Drum & Bass. Expect world exclusives and tracks for the new & old skool alike.Duffer regularly performs in Spain & the UK. Oh yeah, he is also the co-founder of BassPort FM
★ Annita
Czech Connection podcast
Coming from Czech Republic this young lady has quite a resume, her talent brought her a pleasure of sharing the decks with legendary Calibre among many other gigs she did in her home country. You can catch her Czech Connection show every month on bassport.fm where she´s introducing brand new dnb tracks from Czech producers.
★ Espio
- Bass Manual
Espio’s mixes & mashups have racked up thousands of listens online. And when he isn’t smashing dance-floors with hard-hitting DnB, he's crafting productions as a member of the mashup collective 'Mashing K-Pop', as well as hosting his own bi-weekly bass-music show - Bass Manual.
★ Baramus
Jungle One
Baramus hails from the west of Ireland and has been involved with many collectives over the years, next to his busy DJ shedule he holds down a residency on BassportFM hosting the Jungle1 show on Thursday nights. Expect quirky and varied sets that slip between Jungle, DnB, Ragga, Dub and other surprises.
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