◼︎★◼★◼︎ Membrain Festival 2016 ◼︎★◼★◼︎
www.membrainfestival.com | @membrainfestival
Thursday 18th Augusts - Sunday 21st August 2016
Taking palce on Minerska Beach, Sibenik
The first underground festival to hit Croatia!!
Membrain Festival, the newest UK Bass Culture event to hit Croatia. Now a hotbed of exclusive events, Membrain Festival joins the list, to take it back to the underground. Set in an ex military base, the conditions are intimate, the location is idyllic, Minerska Beach, Sibenik, is where this event will take place. For 3 nights we will provide you with bone shaking bass, the hosts with most, the ultimate scenery and everything else your imagination could wonder for. Don’t forget about the weather, in August, Croatia is extremely hot, almost tropical. So come ready with your suncream, raving shoes and bass face for an intense 3 nights.
Taking palce on Minerska Beach, Sibenik, what makes Membrain different and why Croatia?? If you ask yourself then see why right here:
◼︎ Beach Side Venue, on a old Military Base ◼︎
◼︎ Beautiful scenery combined with amazing weather ◼︎
◼︎ Amazing local drinks and food available on site and around town ◼︎
◼︎ Boat, Beach, & Sea parties, like never before ◼︎
◼︎The use of the location for the first time, for an event of this kind ◼︎
◼︎ Beach, Sea & Sun and Sun, Sea & Beach ◼︎
◼︎ Cheap prices when exchanging your money ◼︎
◼︎ A unique venue, location & experience ◼︎
◼︎ Live grafitti & arts ◼︎
◼︎ An all international line up across 3 huge Hangar's ◼︎
◼︎ Outdoor Solar stage & Conference centre ◼︎
◼︎ Hotels from just €20 per night!! ◼︎
◼︎ Whole Event Hotel & Ticket from just €160 **** Whilst the spaces last **** ◼︎
◼︎◼︎ Hangar 1: Drum & Bass, Jump Up, Liquid, Neuro ◼︎◼︎
◼︎◼︎ Hangar 2: Jungle, Reggae, Dub, Roots, Global/Tropical ◼︎◼︎
◼︎◼︎ Hangar 3: Dubstep, Grime, Bass House ◼︎◼︎
◼︎◼︎ Beach Stage: Day time Beach Party // Night Time Chill Out ◼︎◼︎
◼︎★◼︎ Hybrid Minds [UK] - Hybrid Music ◼︎★◼︎
◼︎★◼︎ Sub Zero (Official Fan Page) [UK] - Playaz ◼︎★◼︎
◼︎★◼︎ NCT [NL] - Viper Recordings / Hospital Records ◼︎★◼︎
◼︎★◼︎ DJ Levela [UK] - Multifunction ◼︎★◼︎
◼︎★◼︎ Jaydan [UK] - Playaz / Low Down Deep ◼︎★◼︎
◼︎★◼︎ T and Sugah [NL] - Liqucity / Viper Recordings ◼︎★◼︎
◼︎★◼︎ NUMA CREW [IT] - Numa Sound ◼︎★◼︎
◼︎★◼︎ Bluesy [UK] - Subfreq / Koollondon ◼︎★◼︎
◼︎★◼︎ Terra Slim [UK] - ◼︎★◼︎
◼︎★◼︎ Klay [HUN] - Animated , Smokin Riddims ◼︎★◼︎
◼︎★◼︎ PmdR [SK] - Drumbassterds.cz, Masokombinat ◼︎★◼︎
◼︎◼︎ Duffer [UK] ◼︎◼︎
◼︎◼︎ Content [UK]◼︎◼︎
◼︎◼︎ 207 [HR] ◼︎◼︎
◼︎◼︎ Fokus King [SRB] ◼︎◼︎
◼︎◼︎ Dj Koldun [RU] ◼︎◼︎
◼︎◼︎ Rafael Aragon [FR] ◼︎◼︎
◼︎◼︎ Selector Lazy Face [BGR] ◼︎◼︎
◼︎◼︎ Stas [HUN] ◼︎◼︎
◼︎◼︎ Lazza Dnb [ESP] ◼︎◼︎
◼︎◼︎ Hataah [HUN] ◼︎◼︎
◼︎◼︎ Daboo [NL] - Membrain Festival ◼︎◼︎
◼︎◼︎ Dave Edit [UK] - Membrain Festival / DnB XL ◼︎◼︎
◼︎◼︎ Gully Cat [UK] ◼︎◼︎
◼︎◼︎ Plot [IT] ◼︎◼︎
◼︎ Outcrier [HR] ◼︎
◼︎ Martyn Nytram [UK] ◼︎
◼︎ MC CD [UK] ◼︎
◼︎ Puncture [NL] ◼︎
◼︎ Daley [UK] ◼︎
◼︎ H3MP [BGR] ◼︎
◼︎ Melvyn Francis [UK] ◼︎
◼︎ Aluphobia [HUN] ◼︎
◼︎ tshabee [HUN] ◼︎
◼︎ Yves Taquet [B] ◼︎
◼︎ MAE 917 [MX] ◼︎
◼︎ Wicked Vibez [NL] ◼︎
◼︎ Route 1 Audio [UK] ◼︎
◼︎ Guapachosa Sound [SRB/MX] ◼︎
◼︎ Clan Dextine [UK] ◼︎
◼︎ Kick Kong [SRB] ◼︎
◼︎ Vital Dub Sound [HR] ◼︎
◼︎ Wubsonic [SLO] ◼︎
◼︎ Inspector Frost [NL] ◼︎
◼︎ FlowBrow [AT] ◼︎
◼︎ Critical:Mass [AT] ◼︎
◼︎ DJ Sic [AT] ◼︎
◼︎ The ∆ [UK] ◼︎
▸▸ Solar Stage - Muzika Miliona
▸▸ 140 Ninja Showcase
◼︎ Samba [UK] ◼︎
◼︎ Phill\\Clinton [UK] ◼︎
◼︎ Redrum [TR] ◼︎
▸▸ Bassport FM Showcase
◼︎ DJ Quantize [UK]◼︎
◼︎ eXswitch b2b Ikarus [UK] ◼︎
◼︎ Mourra b2b Schepsis [ESP] ◼︎
◼︎ Moss [UK] ◼︎
◼︎ Taki [UK] ◼︎
▸▸ Ransaked Records Showcase
◼︎ NoocH [UK] ◼︎
◼︎ Bio-Kem [UK] ◼︎
◼︎ Havok [UK] ◼︎
◼︎ MC O.D.O.B [UK]◼︎
▸▸ Delta9 Recordings Showcase
◼︎ Noya ◼︎
◼︎ Ronka ◼︎
Hosts Across All Stages:
Terra Slim - MC CD
Soundsystem by:
Boca sound system
Bass Matters
◼︎◼︎◼︎ Launch Parties ◼︎◼︎◼︎
◼︎Amsterdam - July 9th ◼︎
◼︎ Croatia - TBA ◼︎
◼︎ Valencia - July 1st ◼︎
◼︎ London TBA ◼︎
◼︎ Barcelona TBA ◼︎
◼︎ Bulgaria TBA ◼︎
◼︎ Slovenia - July 9th ◼︎
◼︎◼︎◼︎ Tickets ◼︎◼︎◼︎
** Available through the Membrain Website **
VIP: €120
Weekend Ticket: €80
Day Pass: €40
◼︎◼︎◼︎ All in Packages ◼︎◼︎◼︎
◼︎◼︎◼︎ Travel ◼︎◼︎◼︎
We recommend either flying to Zadar, Split or Zagreb (with a transfer). Flights are available from most airlines. Checkhttp://www.skyscanner.com/ for the best prices
The second best method of travel is coach. Coach prices can be found for very good prices during the peak season if a flight is too much for you.
We reccomend : www.flixbus.com
If you are traveling from Italy and are close by Ancona, you can find good prices for ferry line to Zadar or Split.
◼︎◼︎◼︎ Accommodation ◼︎◼︎◼︎◼︎
We work directly with the best local agency, Kola Fjaka. Their details can be found below, they cater with rooms available from just €20 per night!!!
you can download the accomodation guide to find what suits you the best: at http://www.membrainfestival.com/f-a-q/
Contact: [email protected]

/// Line Up :
Dabs -Special Guest Set [Dispatch/Avantgarde/Eatbrain]
Daboo - BassTrek [Transnational/Driftkikker]
Sintax - Neurofonic Sound
Scipher - Dark Matter
Sirius - Blue Hound Vibes
Amsterdam is ready to be teleported into the realm of Bass once again! On this occasion Dabs (Dispatch, Avantgarde) will be joining the event with special guest set. Expect the unexpected on a night filled with the best deep and banging vibes, during the sets of international DJ's coming from UK, Spain, Italy and Netherlands.
BassPort FM is a fast growing community driven Bass Music Radio Station from the UK that's representing the current movement of Drum&Bass, Dubstep, Glitch Hop, Trap, Garage, Breaks & Future Garage scenes.

/// Tickets :
* Limited amount of tickets available in presale.
At the door:
5€ before 23:00
8€ after 23:00
* Limited capacity of the venue, consider yourself advised 😉
/// Artists :
Davide Rustici aka Dabs, is one of the best Italian talents in the new-school dnb camp. His dj attitude got himself to play all over Italy, Europe and Australia with his fresh funk drum and bass rhythms sets.
Dabs has released music on labels like Dispatch, Horizons Music, Triple Vision's Citrus and Syndrome, and from 2011 on his own imprint Avantgarde. Just to mention some, the heavily supported remix of 'Back In the Grind' with Cern on Dispatch plus three 4 tracks EP's, two 12" singles on Horizons alongside June Miller, Amoss & MC Kwality, with the 'Skull & Bones' summer 2013 anthem, and many more.
His productions received continuous support from Laurent Garnier, Ed Rush & Optical, Andy C, Cause4Concern, Dj Marky, Chris.SU and State Of Mind
★ Daboo - BassTrek
Daboo is a DJ/Producer based in the Lowlands of Holland. Best known for his energetic exploration of sub-frequencies from different corners of the globe and radio show 'Bass Trek' (bassport.fm) he will take you on an adventure with energetic bass driven cross genres. This powerful musical hodgepodge, which can transform a bunch of strangers into a circle of friends is his trademark that inspires and infatuates.
★ Sintax - The Neurofonic Show
From Oxford UK, representing Neurofonic Sound you can expect to hear some swingy & tech Neuro style Drum and Bass to get you moving about. Sintax monthly show "Neurofonic Dnb Sessions" reached various number one DnB charts on Mixcloud with each show. He now plays out reguarly in Spain drawing in crowds with his energy, vibes and performances. When off the decks you will nearly always find him at the front row dancing away!
★ Scipher - Dark Matter
DJ/ Producer & Host of "Dark Matter" broadcast on Bassport.FM. Located on the south coast of UK, Scipher has been Djing for the last 10 years from Drum & Bass,Tech-House, Techno and Chillout. Scipher then teamed up with Mixcloud Drum & Bass legend "Duffer" host of Bassline Revolution to create "BASSPORT FM", a radio station that prides itself on new unsigned DJ's.
★ Sirius - Blue Hound Vibes
Mous and Joost, collectively known as Sirius, are two DJ’s / producers hailing from Rotterdam. Their roots were originally founded in the black- and deathmetalscene, only to shift their love and passion to dubstep completely. Expect the underground, dark, minimal and deep dubstep sound, full of bassweight, that awakens their senses as this is the sound they are constantly exploring in their productions as well as in their shows and mixes.
Visuals by:
MOK-C originated from the Surinam word: ” Moksi ” which means mixed.
He is a self taught individual, who expresses his vision, thoughts and feelings throughout Audio & Visual projects. Also known for his visual contribution at the Raw Basics club nights in Ekko Utrecht. Expect a wide range of strong, colorful visuals. Collected and self created to give the viewer a full live experience in combination with the music and excite the human senses.”
Video Streaming
Mr Kiyoshi
in cooperation with Chew.tv
/// Brought to you by:

Bassport is coming back to Amsterdam on 6th of December 2014!
Mark this date cause this time I have a pleasure to announce that MAZTEK will be launching his Latest Album with us at OT301, how much of treat is that? It is my absolute pleasure to be a part of this just as much as making it possible to happen. You'll be able to enjoy international lineup of Bassport's finest once again, we got for you :
Zone of Sound (ESP)
SparkUp (NL)
Duffer (UK)
MAZTEK (IT) *Special Guest
Daboo (NL)
Also we will stream the event live so if you are not in Amsterdam at the time, you can still catch up with the event and feel the vibe! More on that soon!
You still have a chance to get yourself early bird tickets for the event and I'd say... grab them before they fly away... there is a limited number of tickets.

Very happy and proud to make a part of this great initiative,
As some of you may already know, Goulash Disko is a one of a kind Crowd Funded festival happening on Croatia's island of Vis and I had a pleasure of organising double dutch launch party in Amsterdam and the Hague this May, where we cooked some goulash for you together with exciting line up featuring some of the DJ's that will be part of the coming festival in September.
For you who are unfamiliar with Goulash Disko here's what's gonna happen,
Imagine a congress of DJ's & musicians/bands coming to one place for 6 days to exchange music, ideas & positive vibes. Imagine warm sunny days, chilling, dancing and enjoying the best of the european global music scene paired with great food and home brewed beer and if you are a fan of surfing there is a surprise for you, there will be a longboard competition for you to check, all in all heaps of things will be going on!
The festival is happening at Kamenice Beach in Komoža and is limited to 700 people a day to keep the atmosphere comfortable and relaxing for everyone, so come along if you can and make new friends on beautiful island of Vis in Croatia.
more info at:

BassPort FM is a fast growing community driven Bass Music Radio Station from UK & Spain that's representing the current movement of Drum&Bass, Dubstep, Glitch Hop, Trap, Garage, Breaks & Future Garage scenes and is bringing it’s finest DJ’s for this event in Amsterdam at OT301

★ Daboo
- Bass Trek
A Rocky Balkan Boy based in the Lowlands of Holland. Known for his adventurous explorations of sub-frequencies from diferent corners of the globe will ltake you on a trek through energetic Bass driven cross genres. This powerful musical hodgepodge, that transforms a bunch of strangers into a circle of friends is his trademark that inspires and infatuates. You can catch Daboo hosting his bi-weekly show Bass Trek every Thursday where he’s regulary dusting the subs.

★ Duffer
- Bassline Revolution
Born & Bred in Bristol UK, Duffer has Bass music in his blood. His Friday night show the "Bassline Revolution" showcases the current Bass Music movement across the globe representing, Dubstep, Trap, Glitch hop, Future Garage and his personal favourite; Drum & Bass. Expect world exclusives and tracks for the new & old skool alike.Duffer regularly performs in Spain & the UK. Oh yeah, he is also the co-founder of BassPort FM
★ Annita
Czech Connection podcast
Coming from Czech Republic this young lady has quite a resume, her talent brought her a pleasure of sharing the decks with legendary Calibre among many other gigs she did in her home country. You can catch her Czech Connection show every month on bassport.fm where she´s introducing brand new dnb tracks from Czech producers.
★ Espio
- Bass Manual
Espio’s mixes & mashups have racked up thousands of listens online. And when he isn’t smashing dance-floors with hard-hitting DnB, he's crafting productions as a member of the mashup collective 'Mashing K-Pop', as well as hosting his own bi-weekly bass-music show - Bass Manual.
★ Baramus
Jungle One
Baramus hails from the west of Ireland and has been involved with many collectives over the years, next to his busy DJ shedule he holds down a residency on BassportFM hosting the Jungle1 show on Thursday nights. Expect quirky and varied sets that slip between Jungle, DnB, Ragga, Dub and other surprises.
Tickets Pre-Sale

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