Elektro Balkan Party III

Published: June 19, 2013

22nd of June 2012
Bring out your Balkan costumes, high hats, bellydance outfits, bells, whistles and good shoes for a night of raw beats and Mystic Eastern Atmospheres, We are back and open to anyone. Daboo and Petrol Molotov both originating from South-Eastern Europe (Croatia & Italy) are on a mission to bring you a bombastic combination of sounds they bring from their roots.
Supercharged with sunny beat that is gonna make you move your feet and bring the heat of the mediterranean beaches, Elektro Balkan Party guarantees to flatten the time and space to create an explosive, outernational, future-retro blend.
/// - Daboo
Born at rocky Balkans and on a mission to unite people through music and positive vibrations, Daboo pushes the envelope of deeper & energetic bass driven cross genre of Dub&Bass, Dubstep, Drumstep, Electro House and Trap with a touch of the WORLD 2.0. Especially for this night he will revisit his roots with a set filled with his favorite Balkan Beatz & Vibes.
Produced and performed with various artist through variety of venues across the world, names including Mala Vita, DJ Tommi, Elliot Randall, Ike Willis, Praful.
/// - Petrol Molotov
Petrol Molotov's globish dancehall is animating your local outernational music scene with nights full of gipsy, breakbeat, mash ups, jungle, swing, rock and roll, reggae and tropical beats. He mixes pop classics with vintage rarities, dirty electro beats with violins and clarinets, to make sure all nationalities and tribes represented on the floor get enough party vibe to get on their feet and bust shapes til the morning.
Facilitated wicked dance moves in UK, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Slovakia and Hungary.

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