Membrain Festival 2017

Published: July 5, 2017

Last updated on: October 8th, 2020

- Where Underground Goes To The Sunshine -Membrain Festival is the freshest underground bass culture festival yet, taking place from 10-13th of August at the ex-military base on the beach of Minerska Bay in Šibenik and offering a unique experience for every bass music lover and its derivatives. The best of the up and coming artists and labels are coming to show-off in an intimate, yet truly unique setting.
Reminiscent of raves while at the same time being in a very relaxed Mediterranean surrounding where you can enjoy the insanity of Membrain's culture clash, Dalmatian food and traditional drinks for three nights of heart-pumping vibrations.Tickets available in presale at: www.membrainfestival.com. Please be advised that tickets at the door will have additional Croatian tax and administration expenses.◉ Line-up ◉⫸ Headline ⫷
★ Hydro [UK] ★
★ NCT [NL]★
★ T & Sugah [NL]★
★ Filip Motovunski [HR] ★
★ Sepia [UK] ★
★ MC Toast [UK] ★
★ Rafael Aragon [FR] ★
፨ ፨ ፨ ፨ ፨ ፨ ፨ ፨
Duffer [UK]
Daboo [NL]
Phill\\Clinton [UK]
Volumen [HR]
Arboretum Kolektiv [HR]
Fokus King [SRB]
Annita [CZ]
T-Stak [ZAF]
Altex [IRL]
Theejay [SLO]
Stas [H]
Hataah [H]
Aluphobia [H]
Moss LEM [UK]
Zenicafaria Soundsystem [BiH]
Wubsonik [SLO]
Mental Freedom [BiH]
Vital Sound [HR]
Elioh [BR]
Empire Rising [UK]
Hasky Dnb [D]
Tino [UK]
Aztek [UK]
POACH & Ali Bongo [UK]
Silk millz [UK]
Alessandro Offer aka Cannibal Se-lecter [IT]
Yves Taquet [B]
James Wilson aka RNDM [UK]
CurtZ [UK]
Electromanteca [CHL]
Boca sound system [HR]
Bass Matters [HR]☀ Beach stage ☀
Kiwi in Space [HR]
Kudjo [HR]
Sretni Edi [HR]
Dub-I [HR]
Jah Billah [HR]
Flico [HR]
Taman [HR]
Vrx [HR]
Slavonija Vibes Syndicate [HR]
Matija [HR]
Alpha Cepax [HR]
✭ Launch Parties ✭
Valencia - Low Syndicate - at Killing Time - 26th of May [ESP]
Sheffield - Canopus Records - at The Harley -31st May [UK]
Pretoria - Bass Communion on Arc Radio & Connection - at Arcade Empire - 24th of June [ZAF]
Liverpool - Liverpool Drum & Bass - at North Shore Troubadour - 1st of July [UK]
Zagreb - 23rd of June - Masters Club [HR]
London - 3rd of July - 808/ LIVE RADIO [UK]
Ljubljana - 15th of July - Gala Hala [SLO]
Prague - 23rd of July - VILA Štvanice [CZ]
Belgrade - 27th of July - Elektropionir [SRB]

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