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Elektro Balkan Party II

May 8, 2013
Hello everybody, Due to the success and demand of the persuasive audience, the mission to balkanize is continuing this Saturday (11th May 2013), Bring out your Balkan costumes, high hats, bellydance outfits, bells, whistles and good shoes for a night of raw beats and Mystic Eastern Atmospheres, Open to Anyone, Free till 23:00! Find out more here

Electro Balkan Party

April 3, 2013
Together with a partner in crime for this night, Petrol Molotov (check some wicked sounds)! It feels like Balkan brass bands, New Orleans jazz, Mediterrenean beach parties and Afro-Caribbean carnivals, but it sounds like dubstep, drum&bass, house, hip hop, breakbeat, and dancehall reggae. The Electro Balkan Party flattens time and space to create an explosive, outernational, future-retro blend. Entrance 3 […]

Le Lion - Annunaki Remix by Daboo

January 29, 2013
Hello there, I just finished a remix for a competition held by Clownsville Records, it's a track made by Le Lion it is a straight forward Dubstep track that held some interesting challenges for remix, I am quite content with the end result, if some of you would like to try it yourself you can download the stems here "clownsville […]
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